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Use Case

  • Industry: Manufacturing & Packaged Goods – Beauty, personal care, cosmetics
  • Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Brand presence: Global
  • Employees: 8630
  • A limited in-house ecommerce solution – The company wanted to shift from their in-house digital commerce solution to a single, scalable platform
  • A need for business expansion – The brand wanted to accelerate their digital transformation worldwide and build their presence in the APAC region. They were also looking for a platform that would sustain future rollouts
  • Needed an integrated ecosystem – The cosmetics company wanted the new platform to integrate with their existing systems and needed a partner with a strong footprint in the APAC region to start their technological innovation there
  • The brand needed to improve operational efficiency
  • They wanted to prepare a solid digital foundation in the APAC region to build future growth online
  • The beauty brand needed to launch a scalable platform for their MVP and deploy a fast rollout of new sites for subsidiary brands or in new countries
  • The company wanted an enhanced ecommerce ecosystem to better manage their inventory updates, online orders, stores, and customer updates
  • They needed a platform to seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions to offer their customers a better shopping experience while simplifying their purchase processes
  • Implemented a tailor-made solution based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Layered Ref App to optimize cost savings, reduce time to market, and at the same time provide easy maintenance and simplify the process flow
  • Implemented a scalable solution with new features to be used in all countries and all brands in one go, providing fast-to-market sites
  • We offered a smooth knowledge transfer and onboarding process
  • Decrease the cost of implementation for deployment in new countries and support and maintenance, leading to an increase in ROI
  • Transformed a siloed, rigid organization into one that is focused on end-to-end adaptability, regardless of changes, with a product-centric development approach
  • Transformed the organization into an agile one, allowing business drivers to develop innovative ideas, facilitating digital transformation
  • Instated multi-team delivery governance, with better-defined priorities, communication, and working together within the company
  • Thanks to OSF Digital’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based solution, the group expanded its market leadership in the premium beauty market in the Asia Pacific region. Relying on more efficient operations and providing a better customer experience, their ecommerce solution sustained brand awareness.
  • The group registered an increase in performance: a 75% boost in sales, a 111% growth in conversions, and a 26% increase in shopping sessions. They also dropped their bounce rate by 12% and decreased their cart abandonment rate by 37%.
  • We were agile and significantly reduced time to market, maintaining the quality of the delivery while at the same time remaining cost-effective.
  • With many ecommerce initiatives launched successfully and many more in the pipeline, the group’s business expansion and the digital economy are going forward.
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Functional Automation
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E2E Automation
  • Want to enhance your online commerce to offer a better shopping experience
  • Want to implement a scalable digital platform that will ensure easy rollout for business expansion
  • Are planning worldwide expansion and regional growth
  • Want to gather customer data to respond to their demands, ensuring retention and brand growth
  • Need a robust yet flexible system to manage data regarding purchases, customers’ shopping experience and inventory in one place to increase operational efficiency

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