Your Ultimate Order Management Systems Guide to Success

Your Ultimate Order Management Systems Guide to Success

Use our workbook and checklists to determine if delivering a unified commerce experience will provide you with the competitive advantages and customer experience you need

You want to simplify ordering. Offer flexible shipping and delivery. Enable self-service options and manage your entire order lifecycle seamlessly. Just a hope or dream? Far from it! With a robust Order Management System, you can deliver the kind of unified commerce at the heart of a great customer experience.

Our exclusive OSF Digital 2022 Omnichannel Retail Index highlights seven key capabilities that deliver the best experience possible for consumers. Did you know…

  • 84% of brands offer Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS)
  • 96% of brands offer Buy Online Return In Store (BORIS)
  • 69% of brands enable store associates to look up customer info with a Customer 360-degree view
  • 84% of brands offer Endless Aisle capabilities
  • 51% of brands offer Curbside Pickup

So how does your organization stack up? Your Ultimate Management Systems Guide to Success will teach you:

  • How OMS functionality can work as a competitive advantage for your business
  • The 5 OMS red flag warnings you can’t ignore
  • Top Order Management System strengths to improve your ROI and operations

Our success guide will also help you evaluate:

  • if your business needs OMS functionality to increase customer satisfaction
  • if an OMS could help your business save you time and money
  • the top 7 unified commerce must-have functions to drive sales in 2022

Don’t miss out on this learning opportunity to see how your business ranks and if an OMS could improve your ecommerce revenue performance. Today, get our free white paper, “Your Ultimate Order Management Systems Guide to Success”!

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