Your Success Checklist to Ensure Headless Commerce Is Right for You

Your Success Checklist to Ensure Headless Commerce Is Right for You

Consumers demand omnichannel flexibility to shop when, where, and however they want, using mobile devices, in-store kiosks, IoT devices, wearables, and evening gaming consoles. Headless architecture is a technique for building digital channels that allow businesses to make customer experience updates more quickly while exceeding customer expectations.

A popular headphone, earbuds, and amp store, switched to headless architecture and has experienced a 214% increase in revenue, 82% in conversion rate year over year, and 122% increase in orders year over year. Venus Fashion, a women’s apparel company, adopted a headless commerce approach, converted their storefront and infrastructure, and increased their percentage of site pages loading under a second by more than 50%, which brought in a 24% increase in conversate rate.

If you need a primer on whether headless commerce could future-proof your business, help you increase conversions, reach more customers, and improve customers service, consider these insights from our free white paper:

  • Discover 6 surprising benefits of headless commerce
  • Learn 3 critical business considerations to weigh over
  • Obtain your exclusive success checklist for headless commerce
  • Understand why you need buy-in across all functional teams

Check out our free white paper, “Is Headless Right for You?” and discover how Salesforce Commerce Cloud can boost your customer satisfaction with a headless commerce approach to omnichannel sales.

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