revive sales

Revive sales with new selling channels

After experiencing a slump in sales, brands started to look for new ways to sell their products and new solutions appeared as a result of global quarantining. As a merchant, there are numerous commerce channels to explore, including social media channels and marketplaces. With the help of OSF Digital and our Quick Start Commerce Channels solution, you can now integrate these alternative selling channels with Salesforce Commerce Cloud in just 3 weeks.

reach people

Reach people where they are the most – online

Leverage your fan base from your social media pages and reach new customers from marketplaces with this quick integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The way people shop has changed since March 2020, making online shopping one of the primary selling channels for most merchants. Adding social commerce into the multi-channel distribution mix will help your sales get back on track.

offer easy ways

Offer easy ways for your customers to shop

Customers are looking for merchants with a smooth, store-like experience with quick ordering and shipping process. By integrating these new commerce channels with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based store, you are offering customers exactly what they are searching for: the joy of an easy and convenient shopping session, not the chore of buying.

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Quick Start Commerce Channels logo

If you want timely innovation, then you are in the right place. OSF Digital—a trusted system integrator and Salesforce Platinum partner – can integrate your new commerce channels quickly and efficiently. By implementing Quick Start Commerce Channels on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you will be able to sell your products by using alternative selling channels in just 3 weeks.

Quick Start Commerce Channels is an innovative solution, developed by OSF Digital, and powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which allows shoppers to check out directly on these channels or to land on your ecommerce store with the product added directly in the shopping cart.

Enhance Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s functionality

with Quick Start Commerce Channels

  • List products on social media channels and marketplaces
  • Scheduled updates for product listings
  • Inventory sync (list only products where enough inventory is available)
  • Select channel(s) for listing at product level
  • In-App Checkout (without leaving channel)
  • Enable product tagging
  • Specific product attributes designed for each channel
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce Order Management
  • Salesforce Order Management channel-specific order flows
  • Salesforce Order Management support for returns & cancellations

OSF's Solution Install Services

Start selling on your new commerce channels in just 3 weeks

  • Preparation workshop
  • Multi-channel on-boarding support
  • Set up channel-specific product attributes
  • Set up scheduled catalogue feeds
  • Set up shipping options
  • Set up tax configuration
  • Set up specific OMS process for each channel

OSF’s Channel Management as a Service

3 months support for your new commerce channels

  • Order monitoring and support for each channel
  • Initial catalog deployment (50-100 SKUs / Feed)
  • Content and merchandising updates (up to 2 rotations of 10 products)
  • Analytics and tagging (Monthly performance reporting)