Demo Video: How OSF Digital’s Quick Start Direct to Consumer solution works?


SOLUTION: Developed by OSF Digital, powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Did you know you can launch a consumer goods online store in just 2 weeks with Quick Start Direct to Consumer? Discover how our Quick Start Direct to Consumer solution integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to help you efficiently manage your new online store. Watch our Business Manager demo video now.

Since consumer lifestyles are changing, and shopping behavior patterns are shifting towards more frequent online purchases, savvy businesses need a solution to start selling online quickly. Recently, Salesforce and OSF Digital created a solution direct to consumer brands that needed to open a new distribution and revenue channel by selling direct to consumers.

FMCG brands need to adapt to consumer behavior shifts to stay competitive and respond to customer requirements in a time-effective manner. To do this, brands will need to transition from offline to online and bypass the standard distribution channel — by selling directly to consumers.

With Quick Start Direct to Consumer, you can launch an online shop quickly in just 2 weeks.

Key takeaways:

  • How Quick Start Direct to Consumer enables a payment and taxes module in Business Manager by integrating with CyberSource and Avalara
  • How order details can be efficiently accessed and handled in Business Manager
  • How you can easily set up promotions for your online store
  • How you can effortlessly edit product details from the Products Catalog section in Business Manager