OSF Digital Reinvents the Customer Journey for Burton Europe

June 12 | 2015

Salesforce implementation gives a new dimension to snowboard technology leader’s data-unification strategy

CRM technology services provider OSF Digital announced today the successful implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud into Burton Europe’s existing ecommerce environment. Thanks to the upgrade, Burton, a leading snowboard brand, has a 360° view of its customers’ activity and can better guide its prospects through the online store, all the way to their finalized purchase decisions.

Following the success of its initial collaboration with OSF, Burton Europe is currently exploring new ways to harness B2C data even more effectively by using Salesforce to untap SAP data and integrate a Salesforce Marketing Cloud component to its ecommerce environment in order to further tailor its offerings and provide a fully unified customer journey, both in-store and online.

With new, scalable and actionable customer data, Burton has dramatically boosted its conversion rate, with enhanced flexibility in terms of online transactions, an optimized checkout process and a risk-management platform that supports fraud check before approving customer orders.

“As a leading global brand, Burton engages its customers with smooth purchase experiences, assists them all the way to transaction and approaches them through multiple channels with intelligent incentives,” said Gerard Szatvanyi, President and CEO of OSF Digital. “We are proud to have supported Burton Europe’s data-unification initiatives and their growth strategy with a unified implementation of Salesforce.”

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