OSF Digital Announces Guided PRODUCT FINDER – a Dynamic Product for Guided Selling

April 02 | 2019

Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge maximizes Business Manager’s capabilities

Québec City, Canada – April 02, 2019 OSF Digital announced today the launch of its new standalone drop-in cartridge, Guided PRODUCT FINDER for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This innovative new product is SFRA compatible and empowers merchants to offer guided sales support and a seamless path to purchase to their valued customers. Companies are able to build question flows according to structured logic to ensure shoppers are directed to the product that best suits their needs.

Guided PRODUCT FINDER is based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s library structure of folders and assets and is easy to configure using Business Manager. The cartridge is highly customizable and helps merchants create quizzes with answers that will fit even the most personalized of needs.

“This cartridge fulfills demonstrated market demand for a product that delivers on its promise to enhance the customer experience online,” says Simion Petrov, VP of Innovation & APAC Client Services at OSF Digital. “We believe that the improved customer service gained through the implementation of our product will generate both revenue gains as well as positive brand sentiment for those who decide to use Guided PRODUCT FINDER for their websites.”

“We are committed to developing products that innovate and enhance the customer experience with the overall goal of helping online merchants to achieve their goals,” says Gerry Szatvanyi, CEO at OSF Digital. “OSF Digital has become known for solutions that are easy to implement and provide lasting benefits for our customers.”

About OSF Digital

OSF Digital, winner of the 2018 Salesforce Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail and Salesforce’s 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, is a leading global commerce solutions company providing technology, consulting, implementation and online shop management services to emerging and premier brands, and merchants. Our agile approach allows us to scale global growth more quickly and enable companies to enhance the customer experience. With over 120 ongoing projects and eight years of worldwide deployments, OSF Digital delivers connected commerce solutions across channels, devices and locales. OSF has the following financial partners: HSBC and BDC, and Salesforce Ventures is an investor.

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