Training in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Proficiencies you need for business management

Managing the technical aspects of your platform can prove to be difficult. Want to learn how to use Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Business Manager to perform tasks more efficiently and determine the best configurations for your objectives? Feel like you could make use of additional instruction? Our certified ecommerce specialists can provide either online or on-site Salesforce Commerce Cloud training to meet your specific requirements.

As the first company trained by Salesforce Commerce Cloud in Advanced Business Manager Webmastering, OSF Digital has the necessary experience and expertise to share the subtleties of using Business Manager to its full potential to create a dynamic user experience. Equip your team with the necessary knowledge to develop a comprehensive workflow using best-case scenarios for day-to-day ecommerce management.

Take full advantage of Business Manager’s capabilities

  • Category Management

    Define category organizational structure, create special sales categories and reassign products for special promotions.

  • Online Marketing

    Set up promotions, campaigns and customer groups; and predefine group experiences according to best-case scenarios.

  • Search Configuration

    Define search behavior for your users and increase your conversions by providing them with desirable search results.

  • Sorting Rules

    Personalize experiences for customers by prominently displaying select, seasonal or bestselling products.

  • Product Management

    Bundle products or create product sets to improve their representation on your site and drive sales.

  • Shipping Methods

    Limit shipping costs when selling to different geographical areas and optimize the shipping process for each country.

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Browse all our ecommerce services

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