Harness the full power of a connected commerce environment

Are you looking to:

Access SAP data directly from your B2B platform
Ensure consistent business processes
Increase sales productivity
Create a seamless ecommerce ecosystem integrated with SAP
Synchronize data between your ERP and ecommerce systems
Offer an elevated ecommerce experience to your B2B clients
Gain a single view of your customers
Benefit from better inventory visibility
Provide enhanced self-service capabilities
Simplify customer data maintenance
Enhance product management
Allow clients to fulfill orders and make returns with ease

We’ll integrate your existing Salesforce B2B Commerce platform with the SAP system to create a seamless commerce environment. By taking a phased approach to implementation, aligned with your organization’s needs, we’ll ensure you’re all set up to boost business processes.


What you can achieve with our SAP & B2B Commerce integration

Reduce risks

With your B2B commerce platform integrated with SAP ERP, you won’t have to manage data in multiple systems or enter data manually. This means fewer errors and no more duplicated data. Plus, we’ll integrate the two systems for you with minimal disruptions to your business.

Obtain a 360° view of customer data

By integrating Salesforce B2B Commerce with ERP, you can forget about data discrepancies and benefit from a 360° view of customer data, centralized in a single place. Unlock the data from both platforms either synchronized in real time or through batch integrations.

Increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction

When your ecommerce and ERP systems work in sync, you’ll have more accurate information at your fingertips. A seamless bi-directional flow of data for product inventory, pricing, quoting, orders and fulfillment equips your customer service team with the information they need to deliver an exceptional experience to your valued clients.


Leverage a robust B2B Commerce & SAP integration

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Trusted Salesforce Partner

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Our strategic partnership with Salesforce began in 2010. As one of their Best System Integrators, we have over 550 Salesforce certifications and more than 40 certified cartridges, helping businesses grow and providing support throughout their digital transformation journey.

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