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Are you looking to:

Involve external vendors on your B2B portal
Expand your customer base
Drive customer engagement and loyalty
Offer an enhanced brand experience
Foster better relationships with your B2B buyers
Open a new B2B sales and distribution channel
Transform your B2B website into an online B2B marketplace

Do you already have a successful B2B digital portal and are now seeking to expand your business by adding a marketplace platform? Or perhaps you are already leveraging the benefits of an online marketplace but want to replatform your existing B2B ecommerce solution? Rely on OSF Digital to help you accelerate your omnichannel initiative—and grow online sales.


Our solutions for B2B online marketplaces

Mirakl Marketplace Platform Implementation

As a Gold Mirakl Partner, OSF Digital has the necessary expertise and experience to help you quickly launch and operate your own B2B online marketplace.

Mirakl Marketplace Integration with Salesforce B2B Commerce

Using Mirakl Marketplace Connector, we ensure a seamless integration of Mirakl marketplace technology with your Salesforce B2B Commerce-based website. Our skilled team will help you expand your existing Salesforce catalog and sync your data and operations with the marketplace platform.

Support, Maintenance, and Evolution

Need help keeping your marketplace platform running smoothly, maintaining updates, and adding necessary features? OSF offers the highest level of technical support and evolutive maintenance to immediately troubleshoot unforeseen glitches and ensure smooth operations.

Marketplace Platform Management

Lacking resources or experience in managing a B2B marketplace platform? OSF Digital will handle the management of the B2B digital marketplace on your behalf. We’ll help you add new vendors and onboard them, by providing the necessary training. Rely on our experienced team to synchronize vendors’ catalogs or perform direct system integration to enable vendors to create products manually or with an embedded link. OSF will also oversee financial workflows, manage orders and returns, and handle litigation management to help you solve any issues between customers and your external vendors.


The benefits of Mirakl marketplace technology

  • Mirakl
Own your marketplace

Maintain control over your marketplace and brand with established rules for customer service and vendors.

Streamline processes

Pre-packaged workflows keep processes running efficiently— customizable for sellers, orders, customer service, and payments.

Offer an elevated customer experience

Create tailored buyer journeys by leveraging real-time data.

Extend product catalog

Handle large volumes of data from multiple sources.

Simplify vendor onboarding & management

Leverage rich automation features for onboarding, quality, commissions, and payments.

Multi-vendor order management

Easily manage order splitting and monitor customer-vendor interactions with a messaging module.

Omnichannel approach

Leverage Click & Collect, Returns In-Store, and Endless-Aisle capabilities to offer a consistent experience across all channels.

Robust upselling opportunities

Sell services that your customers want with our service catalog, adapted order and payment workflows, and tools for service providers.

Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

OSF Digital is an award-winning, certified solution and support partner for leading enterprise, ecommerce, CRM, OMS, and CMS technologies. We’ve worked with numerous B2C and B2B brands worldwide, giving us a deep understanding of the unique requirements in various business segments. This experience helps us deliver best-in-class technology and business solutions for our global clients.
See our CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES and VIDEO SUCCESS STORIES to learn more about the solutions we’ve implemented using these technologies.

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Our strategic partnership with Salesforce began in 2010. As one of their Best System Integrators, we have over 550 Salesforce certifications and more than 40 certified cartridges, helping businesses grow and providing support throughout their digital transformation journey.

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