Solve Your Apparel Needs Quick

Every apparel commerce and marketing professional seeking to enter online channels wants a quick launch and rapid implementation of their online store at an affordable price. Start your digital transformation journey with our solutions—tailored specifically to the needs of garment brands—with features that will help deliver a delightful store-like customer experience.

Knowing What Makes You Unique

Each quick serve business is unique. Each wants to deliver a personalized shopping experiences to every guest. Knowing what can makes you stand out is important. That’s why OSF Digital works so hard to deliver customized features to cater to each store’s needs:

  • Brand management app
  • Franchise management app
  • Menu configurator
  • Delivery management app
  • Optimized storefront
  • Ordering application
  • Master brand site
  • Franchise menu page

Choose a Trusted Partner

Working with OSF Digital, means you can expect success as you’ve never experienced it before. Our motto—Inspired by Technology, Driven by Success, is more than just lip service. For over 15 years, we have led brands to new levels of success in commerce technology. As Salesforce Navigator Experts, we have extensive experience implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud, as well as delivering multi-cloud and omnichannel integrations, setting up systems for international operations, and optimizing all aspects of client commerce capabilities. We're the first Salesforce Partner to trailblaze a path to the QSR industry. This was done by helping one of the largest QSR chains establish a central ecommerce platform for its 2000+ franchises across 11 countries.

Enhance Your Apparel Store

If you want to deliver an exceptional and personalized customer experience that delights your shoppers and makes them come back to your online store, you should add a style quiz. A style quiz allows your customers to receive personalized clothing recommendations and adding video content on your store will help with a tailored view of clothes they prefer. Customers should also easily find a gift card option to buy for their loved ones or colleagues. All these options are simple to enable on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based website with our commerce cloud cartridges.

Enhance Your Automotive Store

If you want to deliver exceptional and store-like customer experiences that delight your shoppers you should consider enabling specific automotive ecommerce features. Adding a product selection tool or a car recommendation quiz allows your customers to receive personalized product recommendations. Hosting helpful videos on product pages can help customers find what they need easier, better understand your products, and increase your conversion rates. Enabling recurring orders for auto parts and implementing loyalty programs will strengthen customer engagement. Altogether, these functionalities will optimize your store, and are easy to enable on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based website with our commerce cloud cartridges.


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