OSF Digital Launches AllAi: An AI-Powered Productivity Platform for Developer Support, Delivering Exceptional Results after Years of Internal Implementation

September 06 | 2023

OSF Digital's productivity platform, powered by OpenAI, will help developers using Salesforce enhance efficiency

Quebec City, Canada (September 6, 2023) OSF Digital, an award-winning provider of digital transformation services to companies worldwide, today announced the launch of AllAi, a patent-pending AI productivity platform built on OpenAI. AllAi goes beyond code generation, providing comprehensive support to developers using Salesforce. The AllAi Productivity Platform offers a suite of capabilities to support developers with tasks and processes within Salesforce.

AllAi has been utilized by OSF Digital for over two years as an internal productivity tool. Now, it is offered to customers worldwide as an AI-powered productivity platform that accelerates software development, simplifies DevOps processes, and offers support to users via natural language. AllAi’s capabilities include code auto-completions, code explanations, unit tests, bug fixing, and human-like code review.

“OSF Digital developed the AllAi Productivity platform to deliver higher-quality projects faster while ensuring data security and reducing risks for our clients,” said Gerard Szatvanyi, CEO of OSF Digital. “With a suite of AI tools, AllAi enhances human capabilities, empowering developers to increase efficiency and accelerate time to market. By spending more time building and less time fixing, clients can achieve a faster time to value and a lower total cost of ownership. OSF Digital has been at the forefront of AI development since 2018. We continuously improve and advance our platform to stay ahead of the curve. We are thrilled to introduce AllAi to the market for companies across various industries.”

AllAi offers a multitude of benefits for businesses and their technology projects, including faster time to market, accelerated time to value, lower total cost of ownership, decreased risk in implementations, increased project efficiency, optimized development workflows, higher quality code, faster resolution of issues, and quicker deployment of new features.

Key AllAi Stats:

According to internal research, OSF developers using AllAi:

  • Produce 42% more lines of code
  • Spend 11% less time on assignments
  • Close 40% more tickets monthly
  • Have 62% less comments density
  • Reduced pull request times by 45%

AllAi partners with OpenAI, ensuring a data-retention-free model. AllAi is available for purchase upon request.

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