OSF Digital Announces Integrator for Zendesk – Connecting Zendesk with Magento for Enhanced Customer Support

November 27 | 2018

Extension unites two powerful platforms to empower customer service agents

Québec City, Canada – November 27, 2018 OSF Digital announced today the launch of a new extension for Magento 2, Integrator for Zendesk. This software unites Zendesk Support ticket data with Magento e-commerce data. This dynamic two-way integration is designed to significantly improve the relationship between your brand and customers by empowering customer service agents to resolve support tickets faster than before.

With Integrator for Zendesk, order data and customer information are readily on hand, assisting support agents to prioritize tickets, obtain a full picture and provide fully personalized answers to customers from one convenient location. The extension is easy to install and delivers a single sign-on between Magento and Zendesk and the Zendesk Embeddables Web Widget can easily be added to the Magento store. Support tickets are created directly in the Magento store by both customers and support representatives. These support tickets are displayed on both order and customer dashboards.

“To be a successful online merchant today means that customer support has to be top of mind,” says James-Richard Bruce, Director of Commerce Experience. “Integrator for Zendesk is a product that OSF developed to assist in the support process ensuring that online service is seamless, and data is streamlined into one easy to view location.”

“OSF Digital is committed to working with leading technology solutions and platforms to find new innovative ways to bring greater efficiency within the commerce industry,” says Gerry Szatvanyi, CEO at OSF Digital. “We place a high value on service and support within our company and recognize its importance in attracting and retaining customers and this product demonstrates our commitment.”

About OSF Digital

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