Grocery Accelerator, developed by OSF Digital, is an industry accelerator, built by leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. By using our Grocery Accelerator, you’ll be able to link your online and physical grocery stores fast and at a lower cost. You can benefit from all the Salesforce Commerce Clouds’ enhanced features, such as offering your customers the possibility to pick up orders from store, re-order previous orders, and buy items by both quantity and weight, amongst others. Benefits of our accelerator include:

Go to market fast and at a lower cost

Go to market fast and at a lower cost

A faster time-to-market equals a lower cost for launching or optimizing your online grocery store. You’ll be able to create customized user journeys for both your customers, employees, and partners. We developed our Grocery Accelerator on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enhance the capabilities of the out-of-the-box platform.

Offer easier shopping experiences

Offer easier shopping experiences

When shopping on your online grocery store, your customers will be able to select products by weight, have access to nutritional information for each product, re-order previous orders, benefit from discounts for paying online, and select the time slot to pick up their order. Our Grocery Accelerator helps you strengthen customer engagement and spawn new customer acquisition through meaningful customer journeys and an easier, store-like shopping experience.

Get more customer behavior insights

Get more customer behavior insights

Get more insights into your customers’ shopping behavior. This can help you improve the shopping experience and aid in targeting shoppers in your next marketing campaigns. Through our grocery solution, you will accelerate your digital transformation journey by deploying or improving your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based online grocery store fast.

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OSF Digital’s Grocery Accelerator

If you are looking to expand your commercial strategy by linking your online and physical stores, our Grocery Accelerator is perfect for you. You’ll benefit from a fast time-to-market, and by leveraging our Grocery Accelerator on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you’ll also have access to features tailored to each persona involved in the grocery shopping process, from customers to grocery pickers, plus your 3rd-party partners, such as couriers for home delivery—all at a lower price.

Grocery Accelerator demo video

Grocery Accelerator - Customer Journey Demo

Watch this demo video to see two customer journeys on a grocery online store built with our Grocery Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Link your online and physical grocery stores fast and at a lower cost and make shopping for groceries easier than ever.

Improve your shoppers’ experience

with OSF Digital’s Grocery Accelerator

Add products by weight

Grocery products can be bought by quantity or by weight.

Alcohol purchases checks

Restrict ordering alcohol products, based on the time of day.

Age validation

Restrict ordering alcohol products, based on legal age requirements.

Discount for online payment

If shoppers choose to pay online, they can benefit from discounts.

Product nutritional information

Display product nutritional data.

Flexible pick-up

Shoppers can select from different time slots for picking up orders.

Display by recipe

Display recipes content on product pages.

Product substitution

Allow shoppers to manage product substitution preferences.

Re-order previous order

Shoppers can re-order previous orders.

Save cart content for later

Allow shoppers to save cart content for later.

Multiple fulfilment options

On checkout, shoppers can select pickup in store or home delivery.

Shopping lists

Ability to create/maintain shopping lists for a fast shopping experience.

Product and order instructions

Shoppers can leave instructions for the picker.

Change/cancel order

Order can be updated or cancelled in open status or with time slots in the future.

Easily manage online placed orders with pickup delivery

with OSF Digital’s Grocery Accelerator

Picker Application

Picker can use the application to check if there are any new orders to be fulfilled.

Replace missing order item

Picker can replace a missing item from an order, taking into consideration the shopper’s indications as an alternative.

View order notes

Picker can see the shopper’s notes regarding the order, such as packaging instructions.

Customize your online grocery store

with OSF Digital’s Grocery Accelerator

Specific delivery method by store

Each store’s delivery methods can be configured individually.

Configurable pickup time slots

You can configure the pickup time slots for each store.

Alcohol purchases based on a timely schedule

You can set up when alcohol purchases are allowed during work hours.

Additional cost

If needed, you can authorize additional costs for orders placed online. The percentage for this additional cost is customizable in Business Manager.

Max order quantity

You can set up a minimum or maximum quantity to be ordered, as well as the minimum or maximum value.


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