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Use case

  • Industry: Retail of CPG – Groceries & Convenience Stores
  • A French retailers’ cooperative made up of about 1,500 independent hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Headquarters: Rungis, France
  • Brand presence: Europe
  • Employees: 10,000+
  • 2M registered customers
  • Annual revenue of €22B
  • 250,000 products
  • Difficulty operating 750 stores as standalone sites and managing 2K+ price books with up to half a million products
  • Low brand visibility
  • Long order process
  • Complicated wish list management
  • Outdated customer experience
  • Unclear display of product availability
  • Siloed customer data
  • Inability to support high demand of delivery requests during peak times
  • Limited number of products in the shopping cart
  • Difficulty in re-creating similar orders
  • Create a responsive website
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase the online audience
  • Boost company sales
  • Establish a unified view of customer data
  • Create a positive and personalized customer experience
  • Offer a full range of payment options
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve the delivery process
  • Implemented Salesforce Commerce Cloud and tailored the platform’s architecture to meet the demands of the grocery industry. Customizations include:
  • Single catalog: The retailer can manage up to 750 stores with 250K+ products from one catalog.
  • Price book management: Product availability is determined by the price book assigned to each store.
  • Content management: Store-based content is implemented by using dynamic customer groups defined for each store.
  • Store-specific data management: Basic information on the store and delivery and payment methods are managed using Salesforce Commerce Cloud store objects at the store level.
  • Implemented a more precise store locator so customers can select the store closest to their location
  • Created dynamic customer groups for each store
  • Enabled customers reviews
  • Set up customer journey analytics
  • Integrated the solution between proprietary systems
  • The grocery retailer now has a modern, responsive website with a centralized solution for all partner stores and a unified view of all customer data. The retailer operates one storefront catalog shared among all stores while keeping store-specific inventory. Merchandising and searchandizing capabilities have improved, and products can be purchased by weight. The site features a range of payment and delivery options: in-store pick-up via drive-thru or on foot and home delivery. The grocery retailer has boosted sales by providing easy access to products and is increasing its online audience through customized offers and promotions for each store. With this solution, the company offers a positive customer experience at every step of the journey.
11% Increase in Orders Volume
41% More Visits per Week
400 Monthly Active Promotions
$43M Average Monthly Revenue
$110 Average Order Value
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