LIVE Style Studio

Erase the boundaries between

in-store and online

Personalize your virtual fitting room

LIVE Style Studio innovates digital shopping with a unique buying experience for customers in-store and beyond. With a new level of ease and sophistication, LIVE Style Studio utilizes Microsoft’s Kinect to provide limitless possibilities for how your customers can experience your products.

Create a virtual fitting room for customers in their homes, in public spaces or in your retail store, enabling them to ‘try on’ and mix-and-match clothes remotely. Customers use the virtual interface to sample from your entire online catalogue, providing the best digital experience before they buy. And with their own personal library, customers can save clothes from your catalogue, then try them on and purchase later—in an airport, a pop-up store or in their own living room.

Improve the customer experience, distinguish yourself from other retailers and create an experience that drives conversions—and it’s lots and lots of fun!

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Smart Retail Solutions

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SMART Fitting Room

Distinguish yourself-unify the best of both

online and in-store experiences

Innovative in-store fashion retail

SMART Fitting Room makes shopping easier and more fun by combining in-store and online shopping experiences. Customers enjoy a more convenient, personalized in-store experience,
with greater sales opportunities for retailers.

With SMART Fitting Room, customers can quickly access additional
product information, without walking around the store; they can receive recommendations, discounts and promotions based on their selected products and purchase history; then, they can avoid the line by making their purchase directly in the fitting room,
or later from home online.

Doesn't fit? SMART Fitting Room addresses the real need among
shoppers to quickly exchange products while trying them on, by digitally connecting them with in-store staff.

Magic Mirror

Immersive in-store technology for interactive

and social shoppers

Magic Mirror

Go beyond the limits of your retail store

OSF Digital deploys the Magic Mirror as part of an omnichannel
initiative, which allows retailers to launch online and in-store solutions as part of a unified customer journey.

With the Magic Mirror, your in-store shoppers can use a simple hand
movement to remotely interact with the reflective interface; digitally try on clothes, reaching beyond the inventory of your retail store; add
clothes to their shopping carts for online purchase; and even share
photos in real time via email or social media. Shoppers can easily sample and switch from one item to another, transforming online retail into a real-world shopping experience.

To purchase, shoppers scan the QR code and buy the product like any
other item in the store. The item will then be delivered to the customer's address, as with any online purchase.