Clienteling App Checklist

Clienteling App Checklist

What is Clienteling?

Even though the word "clienteling" isn't in our dictionary and continues to show up in industry headlines, clienteling is more than a buzz phrase.

A common definition of clienteling is the process of building long-term customer relationships through personalization using data about their shopping behaviors, preferences, and past purchases

Customers want seamless shopping experiences no matter where they interact with your business, whether it’s an online purchase, in-store return, or through your mobile app – and they expect you to deliver in ways you’ve never thought of.

That’s Where Clienteling Comes In

Did you know 87% of consumers are interested in a personalized and consistent experience across all channels? Clienteling is an approach to increasing the lifetime value of your customers by personalizing the shopping experience.

How do you ensure a personalized, seamless experience?

Impeccable data and a well-planned clienteling platform.

We’re so passionate about retailers getting this right that we’ve created a checklist just for you. In our latest e-book, Do You Need a Clienteling App?, you’ll discover:

  • How to take advantage of the Golden Record for increased personalization
  • What’s needed to provide a seamless experience for online and in-store commerce
  • Why customers want highly personalized information and recommendations
  • Why connecting cloud data for a single view boosts productivity across an enterprise
  • How much ROI across operations, sales and service is possible

In a world with high customer expectations, it comes down to this: Companies that don’t embrace a clienteling strategy to drive retention will struggle to remain competitive.

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