OSF Digital Joins Wireless Power Innovator Ossia at CES 2016

January 04 | 2016

Partners combine smart devices and cloud expertise to redefine power delivery technology

Cloud technology services provider OSF Digital announced today its attendance at the 2016 CES tradeshow in Las Vegas starting January 6, 2016.

CES is a three-day, top consumer technologies tradeshow featuring innovative demonstrations that have shaped industry hardware, content and technology delivery systems across the globe for over 40 years.

The cloud technology firm will join its new partner, Ossia at the event. Ossia is challenging assumptions about the capabilities of wireless power with its flagship technology, Cota, which automatically charges multiple enabled devices—wirelessly, efficiently and at long distances—without user involvement. Cota also has the ability to carry device related data through the Cota power transmitter to cloud based applications or to enable IoT devices to interact with each other directly.

The patents-pending innovation addresses two major hurdles for the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables markets. First, the need for a standardized networking technology allowing devices to communicate with one another and the cloud, and secondly, the ability to supply remote wireless power to increasingly complex devices limited by both battery reliance and the sheer footprint of the batteries themselves.

With Cota’s artificial intelligence-enabled platform, and the Cota transmitter’s functionality as a data aggregator and processor, the Cota system becomes an IoT hub, allowing all of the things comprising the IoT to stay charged and to work in tandem. This new level of connectivity sets the stage for intelligent IoT systems.

Ossia recently entrusted OSF Digital with the development of Cota Cloud, Cota’s iPad administration application, its administration consoles and a suite of mobile applications. In conjunction with Ossia, OSF Digital will demonstrate the technology ecosystem at CES in January 2016.

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