Salesforce, OSF Digital Japan and TSI Holdings Release Quick Start Direct to Consumer for Retail Brands in APAC

January 26 | 2021

The end-to-end commerce solution enables brands to quickly launch an online store

Québec City, Canada – January 26, 2021 OSF Digital announced today that it has joined forces with and TSI Holdings Co. Ltd. to introduce its Quick Start Direct to Consumer commerce solution in the APAC market.

OSF Digital first launched its Quick Start Direct to Consumer Solution last year in the North American, Latin American, and EMEA markets as a response to the challenges retailers faced when the pandemic caused lockdowns and physical store closures.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers now do more of their shopping online. As a result, many retail brands face an urgent need to restructure their businesses and start selling online quickly. They are looking to launch their own ecommerce sites capable of withstanding the rapid increase of sales. However, building a reliable, scalable ecommerce solution within a short time frame is usually a costly venture. This makes it difficult for retail brands to take prompt action and meet consumer demands.

In response to this challenge in the APAC market, OSF Digital, Salesforce and TSI joined forces to offer Quick Start Direct to Consumer to brands who want to start selling their products online to APAC-based shoppers. Powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, this innovative, end-to-end commerce solution is designed to help retail brands quickly launch a flexible and reliable direct-to-consumer ecommerce website, capable of expanding along with the brand’s growing business needs.

Incorporating the best practices and technologies from the three aforementioned companies, Quick Start allows retail brands to shorten the timeframe for the launch of their ecommerce sites to only 3 months. As part of this solution offering, retail brands will receive management support during the launch from TSI, a company with an impressive track record in operating Commerce Cloud.

Starting today, OSF Digital, Salesforce and TSI Holdings will deliver pilot Quick Start D2C projects as a joint venture with full-scale provisioning scheduled to begin in early 2021.

Each company will be responsible for certain aspects of delivering the solution:


  • Provision the Commerce Cloud platform
  • Provide Commerce Cloud training and support

OSF Digital

  • Build ecommerce sites via Quick Start D2C (a Commerce Cloud reference application solution)
  • Provide the primary support for the ecommerce sites


  • Provide consultation on building an ecommerce site
  • Support the planning and implementation of campaigns/promotions on the ecommerce sites
  • Provide operational support

About Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud is a SaaS type ecommerce platform. It boasts a wealth of campaign features ready to use immediately after launching the user's e-commerce site and stability capable of withstanding large amounts of visitor access. These features have boosted the average growth rates of sites using the platform to over 20%.


TSI HOLDINGS is a fashion company that is developing over 50 brands centered on "Nano Universe," Natural Beauty Basic," and "Pearly Gates." Its latest ecommerce conversion rate is 34.5% (actual results for the first half of 2020). As part of efforts to strengthen its own ecommerce site, TSI started Salesforce Commerce Cloud operations in 2015 by building the "JILLSTUART" site. The company currently operates 16 sites, centering on fashion brands as well as cross-border sites.

About OSF Digital

OSF Digital, winner of the 2019 Bolty Award for Best Digital Experience in the Retail and Consumer Goods category, the 2019 Partner Innovation Award in the Customer 360 category, and the 2018 Salesforce Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail, is a leading global commerce solutions and digital transformation company that provides technology, consulting, implementation, and online shop management services to emerging and premier brands, and merchants. OSF's agile approach allows it to scale global growth more quickly and enable companies to enhance the customer experience, delivering connected commerce solutions across channels, devices, and locales. HSBC and BDC are OSF Digital's financial partners, and Salesforce Ventures and Delta-v Capital are investors. For more information about OSF Digital, visit:

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