OSF Digital Announces Strategic Partnership with Bluecom

December 16 | 2014

Alliance between ecommerce service providers to enable growth in Asian markets for Québec-based OSF Digital.

IT professional services provider OSF Digital announced today the formation of a strategic alliance with Bluecom, a companionable ecommerce solutions provider servicing online retailers in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

The alliance is a marketing agreement to provide marketing support and promote each other’s services provided in specific global regions: OSF to promote Bluecom’s services, provided in Asia; and Bluecom to promote OSF’s services, provided in EMEA and the Americas—each benefiting from the other’s expertise in its own marketplace.

“I think we are very close in terms of scope and services,” said Florian Legendre, Managing Director at Bluecom. “So we are really helping our clients to build a global foundation for their ecommerce websites, as we provide them with our best practice services and ongoing support.”

As the companies have agreed to provide integration support to their clients on a case-by-case basis, they provide their combined expertise on a global scale while ensuring a local presence in each key marketplace.

“It begins with what kind of advantages we can offer our clients,” said Gerard Szatvanyi, President and CEO of OSF Digital. “This partnership serves to compound our resources as they broaden the scope of their ecommerce objectives.”

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