OSF Digital Successfully Launched an Ambitious New Ecommerce-Driven Site for Kal Tire

December 22 | 2017

Improvements will deliver an enhanced product discovery, sales and service experience

Québec City, Canada – December 22, 2017 – OSF Digital announced today the release of a robust, new ecommerce website for Kal Tire, Canada’s largest independent tire dealer. The resulting product is the first storefront integration between a POS system with Salesforce Commerce Cloud – helping Kal Tire to leverage both the sales and customer service functionalities available from each platform. With this, Kal Tire now has a site that will deliver solid benefits for both the retailer, their employees and customers alike.
This is the first time that a integration has been re-platformed over to Salesforce Commerce Cloud,” says Francois Carette, Business Development Director, OSF Digital. Given the complexity of the data sources, and the variety of product choices, as well as the inventory and appointments integration, the solution that was developed by OSF Digital establishes Kal Tire as a company that delivers a customer experience that well exceeds anything else seen in the market.” 
The customer’s journey is fully supported by this improved website as the right support is delivered at the correct stage of the client’s decision-making process, with a guided path to allow them to select the proper product for their specific needs. They are provided with a highly-detailed product selection process that simplifies the discovery and purchasing process.
Customers are increasingly researching products and services online – and the selection of tires is no different,” says Greg Waring, VP Retail Marketing, Kal Tire. Tire buying is known for being complex to navigate, as well as delivering a confusing experience for customers. By providing exceptionally detailed information on tires and accessories via a detailed and highly-specialized product selection tool, Kal Tire aims to be Canada’s premier online destination for tire information.” 
Re-plaforming the website over to Salesforce empowers Kal Tire’s sales representatives to deliver an unsurpassed level of service. By automating many manual tasks employees previously needed to perform, there is now less friction for both customers and staff. A customized store locator integrated into the checkout flow ensures that customers know their closest store and the inventory available at each location.
The gains to be had from moving towards a fully-integrated and automated solution that takes into account product search, selection, purchase, installation, customer care and inventory management will save Kal Tire time, effort and money. The potential increase in revenue that may follow from customer loyalty and positive engagement with the brand adds to the attractiveness of this solution.

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