OSF Digital' Optimizer Opens Doors for Community Cloud Licensing Strategies

February 26 | 2015

New visibility tool offers a new approach to cost-effective licensing and login transparency

IT professional services provider OSF Digital announced today the launch of its new money-saving plug-in, a business-friendly solution providing actionable data on how to economically reassign Salesforce Community Cloud licenses.

The OSF Licenses Optimizer for Salesforce Community Cloud, now available for download on AppExchange, allows businesses to reassign Salesforce Community Cloud licenses—member-based and login-based—priced differently according to the permitted frequency of user logins for each. Companies can build a true fiscal licensing strategy, saving money by optimizing licenses according to their users’ real-world login behaviors.

“As an optimization tool, the OSF Licenses Optimizer is a clear winner,” said Chris Hooven, senior vice president, sales and business development at OSF. “It’s the long-term financial benefit that makes it an essential business solution as well.”

Download the tool or access key features and FAQs on the product’s page on the OSF Integrator site.

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