OSF Digital Launches New Site for Leading German Manufacturer GOSSEN METRAWATT

September 15 | 2017

Integrating sales, customer service, and content management solutions

Québec City, Canada – September 15, 2017 – OSF Digital announced today that it has successfully completed improvements to a website for GOSSEN METRAWATT (a member of GMC Instruments Group)– a leading German manufacturer of electronic test- and measurement instruments.
As part of the company’s digital transformation, OSF integrated a user-friendly content management system to help their employees quickly and easily update content using this new version of the website. OSF then integrated both a product information management system and customer relationship management tool to help empower GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH in their sales and customer support initiatives.
“We are very proud of the work we have done on the Gossen Metrawatt website. We appreciated the opportunity to offer this client our consulting services to best determine the proper course of action to achieve their business goals. This resulted in detailed plans for the development of a modern and user-friendly website,” says Simon Schramm, Head of Sitecore Practice at OSF Digital. “We leveraged our deep knowledge of usability and visual design to come up with a solution that meets the specific needs of GMC Instruments’ clientele.”  
GMC Instruments are now better equipped to provide their customers with a seamless learning and purchasing experience. The new functionality on their website allows them to deliver pre-sales assistance for customers to help them discover products, product bundles, related accessories and software items, as well as engage in training and education. Additional improvements were made to myGMC – a closed area of the site where registered users have access to product and software updates for products they have purchased.
“OSF Digital has provided us with a website that met our needs from the moment it launched,” says Christian Widder, Head of Marketing /Communications at GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH. “Customers are already making use of its new features such as sending support and product requests online. It is an excellent improvement on our previous site – in terms of functionality and design, and we’re looking forward to the impact this will make on both our bottom line and customer satisfaction levels.”  
Plans are underway to release an English version of the site with a roll out to multiple countries. Development is also in progress for the integration of a talent management system to attract top candidates to work at GMC Instruments.

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