OSF Digital is a Preferred Loyalty Management Partner for Top Global Brands

February 11 | 2022

As experts in Salesforce Loyalty Management, OSF Digital is among a group of key preferred Salesforce Loyalty Management Partners

Quebec City, Canada (February 11, 2022) OSF Digital, an award-winning provider of digital transformation services to companies worldwide, offers expertise in customer loyalty management in order to help clients build lifetime loyalty with their customers and increase customer value. OSF Digital, who is among an early group of key preferred Salesforce partners to deliver a Salesforce loyalty management implementation pilot project, has the global reach, the flexible team, and the industry experience to help customers retain their own valued customers.

“Digital-first customers have very high expectations regarding their interaction with brands: they want to enjoy 1:1 personalized and meaningful experiences,” said Becky Wright, VP of Marketing, OSF Digital. “Our experience on loyalty management enables us to help our clients take loyalty from concept to practice and build the connection that keeps customers coming back.”

As experts in loyalty management, OSF Digital has published helpful tips including 5 Ways to Grow Ecommerce Customer Loyalty and Retention Fast, and even help our customers avoid common pitfalls in 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your Ecommerce Loyalty Program. OSF Digital will be also be releasing two additional thought leadership resources for businesses titled “3 Ways to Personalize Your Loyalty Program with Salesforce Loyalty Management” as well as a “Loyalty Management Readiness Assessment Guide” available to download for free.

Why Does Salesforce Loyalty Management Matter?

According to recent research:

Brands now need to anticipate customer needs and intents, ensuring the best offer, product, or service at the right time. Building emotional connections via targeted relevant experiences reinforces the relationship between the customer and the brand.

With Salesforce Loyalty Management, B2B and B2C companies across industries can provide more personalized consumer experiences, evolve their loyalty programs to stay current with customer expectations, and help drive business value by creating loyal, lifelong customers. Built on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, Salesforce Loyalty Management allows companies to build loyalty programs for both B2B and B2C customers with a solution that delivers personalization at scale. Learn more about OSF Digital’s Salesforce Loyalty Management expertise and how it can help your business: Loyalty Management.

OSF Digital, an award-winning Salesforce Partner for over 10 years, is committed to its mission to being the top commerce and digital transformation partner to enterprises looking to achieve Customer 360. Experts in multi-cloud, OSF brings technology together in an intelligent way to help enterprises consolidate all consumer data across channels with a multi-cloud strategy to deliver customer-first digital experiences.

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OSF Digital is a global commerce and digital transformation leader with expertise in connecting technology and strategy to drive business goals. With expertise in B2C and B2B commerce and Salesforce awards for multi-cloud innovation, OSF Digital seamlessly guides enterprises through their entire digital transformation journey. With customers in various industries around the globe, OSF Digital provides personal attention and the highest level of connection with a local presence throughout North America, Latin America, APAC, and EMEA. For more information about OSF Digital, visit OSF Digital.

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