OSF Digital Launches OSF Builder for Demandware

July 22 | 2015

Easy-to-install Jenkins plug-in offers automated build processes for Demandware projects

IT professional services provider OSF Digital announced today the launch of its new native Jenkins plug-in, OSF Builder for Demandware.

OSF Builder for Demandware is acknowledged for being an easy-to-install, easy-to-use Jenkins plug-in that automates the build processes for Demandware implementations on continuous integration sandboxes, development or staging instances. As a native Jenkins plug-in, when on Jenkins OSF Builder for Demandware serves as an alternative to the Demandware Build Suite, tightly integrating with all other Jenkins plug-ins and features, and supporting large projects with multiple brands of differing configurations.

“The OSF Builder for Demandware provides an exceptional user experience and helps save joint Demandware customers development time,” says Daniel Anechitoaie, creator of OSF Builder for Demandware.

The free plug-in has already become popular among solution architects and lead developers from Demandware and related companies.

“The general feedback is positive,” says Anechitoaie. “We’re confident OSF Builder for Demandware could prove to become a really useful and time-saving tool for use on all projects throughout the development and release process.”

Interested joint customers can gain access to the plug-in by using their BitBucket account and contacting


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