L’Oréal Canada and OSF Launch Multi-Brand Solution on Demandware

May 12 | 2015

OSF Digital ’ “core architecture” is driving revenue for the leading cosmetics brand

Ecommerce technology services provider OSF Digital announced today the implementation of multiple L’Oréal Canada brands onto a “core architecture” powered by the Demandware Commerce Cloud, solidifying a deep and ongoing partnership between the two companies.

“With OSF we have a strong partnership that we have built together over many years,” said Nadir Belarbi, CIO at L’Oréal Canada. “We believe that now that OSF is part of the team, it will lead to many great successes.”

OSF Digital’ new video, L’Oréal Canada on Demandware, features real-life testimonials from key leadership within L’Oréal Canada—including Nadir Belarbi, CIO, Martin Aubut, Director E-Business & Interactive Marketing and Sandrine Hélie, Digital IT Lead—about their collaboration with the ecommerce experts at OSF.

“OSF jumped quickly into the project and succeeded to deliver a quality project on time,” said Hélie. “After defining a scalable architecture, we gained the ability to add brands easily and quickly onto our platform, and features that we could share across our brands.”

With the guidance and support of OSF, L’Oréal Canada now serves as a digital leader in Canadian ecommerce, boasting an integrated ecommerce solution that is effectively driving revenue through their multiple digital channels.

“OSF’s deep understanding and mastery of the digital world, and their agility and ability to adapt very quickly to the changing needs of L’Oréal, make a big difference for us,” said Belarbi. “OSF is a reliable partner—very dynamic, reactive, flexible and entrepreneurial. Exactly like L’Oréal.”


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