OSF Announces CRM Implementation for Burton Sportartikel GmbH

March 11 | 2014

Adding an integrated CRM solution to their existing IT environment will give the European branch of U.S.-based Burton Snowboards a centralized database to track customers

IT professional services provider OSF Digital announced today they will implement and integrate a custom CRM solution into Burton’s existing business environment, including their Demandware-based online store, in an effort to improve customer service and streamline business processes associated with customer tracking. Burton Sportartikel GmbH is the European sales and marketing division of the United States-based snowboarding company.

Kicked-off in early January, the project includes the initial implementation of a cloud-based CRM solution and an integration developed by OSF to facilitate a seamless flow of data Burton’s Demandware Commerce® platform. In addition to the implementation, OSF will migrate Burton’s existing customer data into the CRM – creating a centralized platform for customer tracking and create custom-tailored digital marketing campaigns.

“We are thrilled that Burton selected OSF as their implementation partner,” said Gerard Szatvanyi, President and CEO of OSF Digital. “Their business needs align perfectly with our technology expertise. I think this project will enable a level of customer visibility that will take Burton’s sales and marketing efforts in Europe to new heights.”
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Contact: OSF Digital