Demo Video: How OSF Digital’s Quick Start B2B solution works?


SOLUTION: Developed by OSF Digital, powered by Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning

Did you know that with Quick Start B2B, you can start selling online to your buyers in a matter of weeks—not months? Learn how to adapt to market changes and switch to conducting business from face-to-face to online with Quick Start B2B, an innovative solution for Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning. Discover how to easily launch an online B2B store in our solution overview video.

Businesses that invest in B2B commerce can operate more efficiently and drive an organization’s people, process, and technology to survive in the digital age. B2Bs can create greater customer loyalty, accelerate revenue growth, and enable new channels quickly with the solution we developed especially for them.

Together with Salesforce, we recently developed a solution for B2B companies who sell products to distributors, wholesalers, and other businesses, that can help them adapt to market changes and switch to conducting business from face-to-face to online.

With Quick Start B2B, you can launch an ecommerce website in just a few weeks.

Key takeaways:

  • How the two Quick Start B2B packages can help you launch online in weeks, not months
  • What features the solution enables once integrated on top of Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning
  • How your buyers benefit from a B2C–like experience, improving their overall acquisition process and satisfaction with your company
  • What other benefits arise if you choose Quick Start B2B as the solution to launch your own B2B ecommerce website