QSR Accelerator, developed by OSF Digital, is an industry accelerator built by leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Experience Cloud. By using our QSR Accelerator, you’ll be able to launch an online quick service restaurant with QSR industry-dedicated features and capabilities, for the brand, outlets, and end customer.

Optimized franchise management

Optimized outlet management

With our QSR Accelerator, as a brand owner, you have full control of outlet changes, using a centralized dashboard that allows you to add, enable, or disable outlet, and manage menu updates, while outlet owners have the flexibility to do local menu, schedule, or delivery adjustments.

Order customization

Order customization

With our solution’s multiple order options, you can offer your customers the possibility to personalize their orders with product size selection, an allergens filter, ingredient removal or replacement (e.g., remove onions from a salad), and product bundling — all from a user-friendly storefront.

Delivery flexibility

Delivery flexibility

A streamlined ordering process is key to enhancing delivery capabilities, in terms of delivery time, order tracking, and customer journey. With QSR Accelerator you have the digital infrastructure to enable various delivery types — home delivery, drive-in, or curbside pickup from the parking lot — and stay ahead of the competition.

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OSF Digital’s Quick Service Restaurants Accelerator

If you are looking to accelerate your digital transformation journey and reach customers where they are now ordering food, our QSR Accelerator is perfect for you. You’ll benefit from a fast time-to-market, and by leveraging our QSR Accelerator on top of Salesforce Clouds, you’ll also have access to features tailored to each persona involved in the ordering process, from HQ employees to outlet owners and end consumers.

Quick Service Restaurant Accelerator video

Quick Service Restaurant Accelerator – Demo

Watch this step-by-step demo video to learn how to accelerate your digital transformation journey with our Quick Service Restaurant Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce and Experience Clouds. Launch an online quick service restaurant, with QSR industry-dedicated features and capabilities for the brand, outlets, and end customers.

Extend the capabilities of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based online restaurant

with OSF Digital’s QSR Accelerator

Features for the Brand site:

  • View Outlets by Delivery Options
  • Find Nearby Outlets using Geolocation
  • View only Open for Delivery Outlets
  • Individual Outlet Menu Page
  • Track Order Status
  • Select Order Pick-up Time
  • Pre-built Order
  • Apply Coupons to Order
  • Alcoholic Beverages Ordering

Features on the Outlet Menu page:

  • Select Product Size
  • Customize your Order
  • Select zip codes
  • View Active Offers
  • View # of Calories / Menu Item
  • Exclude Products Containing Allergens

Manage the brand site, outlets, and deliveries through apps

powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud

Features for Manage My Brand App:

  • Add Products – Simple or Combined
  • Create Main Catalog Structure
  • Add Industry-specific Product Attributes
  • Define Timed Category Availability
  • Add Outlets
  • Enable/Disable Outlets
  • View Outlets Menus
  • View Outlets Delivery Options
  • View Outlets Working Hours
  • Define Food Menu Structure

Features for Manage My Outlets App:

  • Product Selection from Main Menu
  • Add Product Pricing
  • Add Product Inventory
  • Add Extra Costs
  • View Order Information
  • View Order Pick-up Time
  • Automatic Order Routing to Drivers
  • Notify Client when Order is Ready
  • Set Outlets Working Hours
  • Set Outlets Contact Details
  • Set Outlets Logo

Features for Manage My Deliveries App:

  • Orders Assigned Automatically
  • New Order Notification
  • Receive Order Payment Status (Paid/COD)
  • Mark Order as Delivered
  • View Navigation Data to Delivery Address
  • View Location Pin
  • Notify Client of Arrival
  • View Contact Details


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