Manufacturing Accelerator for Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning is a modular solution developed by OSF Digital. It was built by leveraging the capabilities of multiple Salesforce Clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and Partner Community.

Manufacturing Accelerator helps you streamline the challenging processes of manufacturing commerce with advanced digital capabilities that improve your B2B buyers’ experience. It’s now easier to use your data efficiently and gain valuable insights about buying patterns.

Start growing online revenue with our B2B solution, focused on solving the most pressing e-commerce manufacturing pain points: sales growth, production forecast, complex buyer’s journey, data management, and overall operational efficiency. Our industry-dedicated solution is intuitive, reliable, and ready to create connected experiences for your B2B buyers.

Go to market fast

Go to market fast

Time is of the utmost importance in aligning with the B2B modern consumer. Our manufacturing ecommerce solution can help you get to market faster using prebuilt components, prebuilt ERP integration and ready-to-use Sales and Service Cloud integration. Open an online sales channel to reach your buyers where they are and meet their digital needs.

Drive business growth with improved processes

Drive business growth with improved processes

Manufacturing is complex–with various data sources, multiple stakeholders, and elaborated business processes. Dare to streamline them with our B2B Manufacturing Accelerator. Improve ordering, product support, buying processes, production planning, fulfillment efficiency, post-sales support, and data management to generate more revenue and reduce costs.

Use data to create customer-centric buying experiences

Use data to create buyer-centric experiences

The modern B2B buyer is driven by a unifying set of expectations for a whole new customer lifecycle—the bottom line is they expect to be treated like a partner. Gain valuable insights into their buying patterns to better understand your buyers’ needs, and complement your product-centric approach with buyer-centric processes.

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OSF Digital’s Manufacturing Accelerator

Expand your manufacturing commercial strategy with digital capabilities, powered by Salesforce Clouds. Manufacturing Accelerator can help you get to market faster, generate more revenue, and reduce costs. Streamline inventory/supply chain management, improve the order experience, grow operational efficiency, and boost sales with manufacturing-dedicated features.

Improve your buyers’ experience

with OSF Digital’s Manufacturing Accelerator

Self-service capabilities
  • Order documents
  • Track and trace
  • Customer reports
  • Service requests
  • Self-Service & support
Enhanced ordering
  • CSV quick order
  • Matrix order
  • One-page order portal
  • Re-order
  • Product availability
  • Quote to order
User data management
  • User management
  • New user setup
  • Address management

Consolidate and integrate business processes

with OSF Digital’s Manufacturing Accelerator

Forecast and planning
  • Request for quote
  • Forecast demand
  • Request sales agreement
Fulfillment efficiency
  • Volume agreements/allocations
  • Inventory and order management
  • Credit limits
  • Credit warnings


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