P&L Accelerator

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Are you looking to:

Better understand the impact of marketing efforts on sales
Compare your current performance with the previous period and future plans
Get deep insights and better control of inventory
Identify gaps and inefficiencies in marketing channels
Forecast sales trends based on historical data and business goals
Manage overall profitability
Simulate ‘what if’ inventory scenarios
Identify current trends to take early action
Enhance reporting

OSF’s P&L Solution

OSF Digital’s P&L Accelerator is designed to provide real-time visibility on a company’s profit and loss data. Based on vital business trigger-points, including sales, same-store sales, gross margin, inventory level, inventory turn, and markdowns, this solution can help merchants identify gaps in their digital strategy and merchandise plan, validating a company’s biggest investment – inventory.

We work closely with your team to understand your specific business needs, learn about your retail channels, and customize our P&L Accelerator to seamlessly integrate with your systems architecture. Leveraging OSF’s profit and loss solution, you gain an ability to improve overall corporate profitability and more agile management of the profit and loss.

Explore the capabilities

Of OSF’s P&L Accelerator

  • Simulate inventory and stock/sales ratios by adjusting sales, markdowns, margin, and receipts
  • Modify variables within categories or per store/brand
  • Submit a revised plan after approval, with automated versioning
  • Cube different datasets to analyze past sales and identify missed opportunities
  • Combine marketing channel data with sales performance to correlate last-click to purchase performance
  • Apply filters to past and current purchase channels to understand shopping platforms, loyalty, and lifetime value impact on sales volume or gross margin percentage

Measurements and KPIs


  • Beginning of month (BOM) inventory at retail vs plan and/or last year
  • Actual forecast (AF) sales vs plan and/or last year
  • Markdown (MD) percentage vs last year
  • Gross margin (GM) percentage vs last year
  • Stock to sales (SS) ratio vs plan and/or last year
  • Receipts in $/Units
  • End of season (EOS) inventory target in retail $

Data Sources

  • Enterprise resource planning tools (ERP)
  • Commerce platforms (e.g. Salesforce Commerce Cloud)
  • Marketing sources (e.g. Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
  • Google Analytics or other online data analytics sources
P&L Accelerator

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Trusted Salesforce Partner

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