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Develop an ecommerce staffing model that matches your company’s needs and goals
Establish an efficient structure for your ecommerce team
Ensure smooth collaboration between your ecommerce, marketing, finance, and other teams
Optimize the performance of your ecommerce team
Build an ecommerce team from scratch
Expand your existing ecommerce team
Avoid expenditures on hiring the wrong people
Recruit the right people, but lack experience
Define ecommerce roles and responsibilities

Are you embarking on a digital transformation journey and need an ecommerce team built from scratch; or seeking to streamline your operations by restructuring your existing team? Either way, determining your staffing needs and matching them to your business needs and goals is critical to ecommerce success.


How OSF Digital can help you build an ecommerce dream team

Regardless of your company size, industry, maturity, or location, OSF Digital can help you build and mold a highly-efficient ecommerce team that will ensure rapid and sustainable growth for your online business. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of ecommerce, or seeking to scale growth by streamlining your ecommerce human resources, rely on OSF to help you staff for success. Starting with an audit of your existing team to identify your needs, OSF will define and develop an efficient staffing model to help you build an ecommerce team from the ground up or expand your existing ecommerce workforce. We can recruit, conduct interviews, and perform an ongoing performance assessment of new and existing roles to ensure that your digital operations are always headed towards ecommerce success.

Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

OSF Digital is an award-winning, certified solution and support partner for leading enterprise, ecommerce, CRM, OMS, and CMS technologies. Our proven experience working with mature B2C and B2B companies and start-ups from various industries allows us to help you build an ecommerce team quickly, mold it to your needs, and provide you with the support you require to fully accommodate for future growth of your business.

See our CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES and VIDEO SUCCESS STORIES to learn more about how we help our valued customers achieve ecommerce success.

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Our strategic partnership with Salesforce began in 2010. With Salesforce Navigator Expert status, several Salesforce awards for multi-cloud innovation, and a proven playbook for Customer 360 success, OSF Digital guides enterprises through their entire digital transformation journey.

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