Licensing Tool for Salesforce Community


Does the license fit the user’s login behavior? Gain transparency into your Community users login activity with LICENSES OPTIMIZER, so you know which licenses are really needed for them to get the job done.

An investment in this visibility tool means a clear picture of how your Community logins are being used-and actionable data for optimizing Community engagement and maximizing your savings. It's an investment that pays-and a tool you will value for the duration of your Salesforce partnership.

Main Features

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    Get custom reports on users’ login behavior and have complete
    visibility on Community licenses usage
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    Organize all actionable licensing data using off-the-shelf user lists, or create one according to your unique needs
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    Filter users based on community type, licenses type, number of
    logins and login frequency
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    Reassign users to the most economically efficient license type and witness how much you save without imposing upon your Community users’ needs

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