Selling business-to-business works well. Yet, you’re looking for ways to grow your customer base. A direct-to-consumer ecommerce strategy brand might be the ideal approach for consumer goods brands that want to create a new selling channel fast.

Next D2C is a multi-cloud solution, based on the reliable Salesforce B2B2C architecture that empowers brands to experiment with an online DTC store.


Open a new revenue stream to expand your commercial strategy


Remove the barriers created by middlemen 


Gain full control over your brand, reputation, marketing, and sales tactics


Directly engage with your customers and better predict future purchases


Collect relevant data about your customers to learn how to improve their experience


Increase customer lifetime value with improved customer relations and a frictionless customer journey

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99% of consumer goods leaders are investing in DTC online sales

Next d2c

Consumer expectations have never been higher. If working through an intermediary is no longer enough for your packaged goods, clothing, food and beverage, automobile, or electronics business, consider expanding your sales channels with Next D2C. Build your own direct-to-consumer ecommerce store to unlock first-party data, build relationships with consumers, and capture insights that help you refine your multichannel strategy.

Get your online store up
and running fast

Preparation Workshop

Following best practices, we’ll start with a preparation workshop to discuss your strategy for launching your online shop.

UI Theme

We ensure that you’re all set from a UI perspective by providing several options for the color scheme and templates. We also help you set up transactional emails and upload the content.

Order Management Process

We provide order management training so that your customer service and warehouse teams are ready to handle orders smoothly.

Analytics, Payments, Taxes, Shipping Methods

Don’t waste time researching the right solutions for local markets—we’ll recommend and set up the best local tax and payment solutions.

Promotions and Associated Assets

Enjoy a quick and easy product promotion process. All you need to do is to select the desired type of promotion—and OSF will configure everything on your behalf.

Product Catalog

Provide OSF with product details and we’ll handle setting up the entire product catalog and category hierarchy.

Build an excellent storefront experience

Shop Improvement

After the basic setup of your new online shop, we continue to improve it by updating the homepage, navigation, and by adding or modifying static pages.

Content and merchandising updates

We take your merchandising efforts to the next level through further enhancements to your category pages, continuous price, and inventory upkeep, as well as site-search maintenance.

Digital Ads Management

Reach higher ROI with branded search and shopping ads on Google and Facebook.

Products, Inventory, and Promotion Maintenance

Rely on OSF’s expertise to manage rules and combinations, as well as maintenance of promotional marketing assets.

Order Monitoring and Support

We take care of your order exceptions, reversals, and cancellations.

Consumer goods-specific ecommerce features, day 1 after launching

  • One Site (one brand)
  • Basic Consumer Journeys
  • Commerce-ready Theme
  • Enhanced Home Page with multiple sections
  • Content Management
  • Product Management
  • Essential Order Management
  • Merchandizing & Marketing Tools
  • Site Search
  • Transactional Emails
  • Flat-file Sync for Catalog, Price List, Orders, Inventory
  • One Country (one language/one currency)
  • Pricing Management
  • Cart & Checkout
  • Responsive Mobile Designs
  • Guided Navigation
  • Einstein (AI-powered personalization)
  • Salesforce Payment
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Tax Support


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