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Product Feed for Google Shopping

As a merchant, you are always looking to expand sales and adding popular marketplaces into the multi-channel distribution mix is a way to do this. With the help of OSF Digital and Product Feed for Google Shopping, our cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can now integrate the Google Shopping marketplace with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based ecommerce store by exporting the product catalog from your commerce store to your new Google store.

Leverage one of the biggest global search engines used by shoppers to find the products that they need, from apparel and footwear to gadgets and household appliances, by synchronizing your product catalog with Google’s shopping functionalities — and sell directly from their marketplace. Delight your customers with a smooth, store-like experience with quick in-app ordering or redirect them to your ecommerce website when in-app checkout is not available.

Main Features

  • export

    Export Product Feed

    List products on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops and schedule automatic updates for products listed on these social commerce channels.
  • inventory threshold


    Set a certain inventory threshold, where only products with enough inventory will be listed in Facebook and Instagram Shops.
  • product attributes

    Product Attributes

    Each social media channel has certain product attributes available, which you can use to add to each of your listed products.
  • Attribute Mapping


    You can define additional attributes on product model and map them to Google supported attributes without code modifications each time there is an update on the catalog.
  • in-app checkout

    In-App Checkout

    Your customers will shop easier than ever before. They will be able to check out without leaving the marketplace, or go directly to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based store if the in-app checkout functionality is not available in their location.
  • product tagging


    Shoppers can select a product directly from a post through the product tagging functionality.
  • order process

    Order Process

    In-app orders are processed in Google Merchant Center or in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager if the shopper is redirected to the ecommerce store, where they will finalize the checkout process.
  • Reduce Manual Labour


    Benefit from the automated process and avoid manually updating and creating products in Google Marketplace by utilizing Feeds.


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