Transform Your Ticketing Platform for the Digital Era

Transform Your Ticketing Platform for the Digital Era

1. Customers Want Ticketless Convenience

“I’m always happy to arrive at least an hour early and stand in line to buy tickets,” said no one since 1997.

Your customers hate waiting in line and they like to feel like they are in control over their destinies. They want to choose their arrival times and select their seats, and they want to manage it all from the convenience of connected devices.

With 4.18 billion people in the world accessing the internet via mobile devices (Digital 2020 as reported on Statista), this is how your customers interact with businesses and each other.

Our white paper, “Transform Your Ticketing Platform for the Digital Era,” covers in even more detail, what ticketless experiences can do to grow your business.

2. Harness the Power of Affiliate Programs for a “Sold-Out” Experience

Ticketing companies can set themselves apart in an industry where competition is fierce by offering hyper-personalized products as a point of differentiation from rivals.

Approximately 81% of brands use some form of affiliate marketing programs in which online retailers pay commissions to individuals or companies (affiliates) who promote their products. Affiliate marketing is an easy and cost-effective strategy to drive sales and increase your customer base , and for events, these programs provide an augmented avenue to boost 16% of ecommerce sales on par with email marketing.

We cover this in more detail in our white paper, “Transform Your Ticketing Platform for the Digital Era.

Learn what the airlines, major movie studios, and sports leagues already know about the advantages of mobile ticketing systems and how you can integrate your ecommerce and point-of-sale systems into one powerful commerce cloud.

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