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The Future of Airport Commerce

There’s no doubt it’s been the worst 12-month spell for airports in recent memory. The challenges caused by the global lockdowns due to the COVID pandemic have likely reprioritised many airport business plans. They also have led to a loss of talent and bandwidth to execute new projects for many. However, there’s hope on the horizon and a surge ahead.

This paper explores the opportunities still available despite all these challenges. We hope that the post-COVID world (however that will be defined) will see the return of passengers and frequent travel. The commerce challenges for airports are still broadly the same, and now is a good time to start planning and looking to rebuild.

Download our white paper “The Future of Airport Commerce” to:

  • Explore the challenges of airport commerce
  • Discover ways to capitalize on those challenges and turn them into opportunities
  • Find out about other untapped sources of revenue and expansion possibilities
  • Learn what components, strategies and technologies can help you leverage these airport commerce opportunities
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