The Ecommerce Ecosystem in Europe en

The Ecommerce Ecosystem in Europe

Analyzing the top 3rd-party solution providers in the European ecommerce market

The European ecommerce industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. With an expanding network of 3rd-party software solution providers—such as NetSuite OMX, Listrak, Bazaarvoice and CyberSource — it has become difficult for many businesses to determine which platforms best fit into their existing systems.

This research-based white paper takes an unbiased look at the major 3rd-party vendors and examines the different features, functionality and service levels offered by each.

We provide an accurate analysis , giving decision-makers the insights they need to select a provider. We use the following criteria:

  • Service Level Agreement (LSA)

  • Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Integration Support & Documentation

  • Post Production Support

  • 24/7 Emergency Support

  • Security

  • Deployment
Take a look at the latest technologies being offered and make more informed business decisions, based on research performed by the ecommerce market experts at OSF Digital.
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