How to Seize more B2B Manufacturing Market Share

Solving the Immediate Demand for B2B Commerce Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 75% of global B2B organizations demand online purchasing
  • 82% of employees want easy access to data and IT capabilities
  • Yet only 37% of organizations have the skills and tech to keep pace with additional digital projects

Now is the time to outmaneuver competitors and take full advantage of market downturns to create new revenue and distribution streams. With a smart B2B commerce strategy, your manufacturing operations can realize cost reductions, gain competitive advantages, and increase your margins and customer retention rates… while you sleep.

How Can a B2B Commerce Platform Improve My Manufacturing Business?

  • Realize cost savings and empower customers with self-service purchasing
  • Increase margins and retention by improving your customer’s journey
  • Launch your next distribution and revenue streams with B2C innovations
  • Grow customer retention by launching an online marketplace
  • Evaluate needs and utilize technology partner to manage platform
  • Discover how to move to the next level of B2B commerce maturity

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About OSF Digital

OSF Digital is a top digital transformation specialist and leading global commerce solutions company. Our proven B2B commerce experience helps brands like Coca-Cola European Partners, Kastas and Solarwatt quickly grow business, igniting new revenue and customer engagement. Our award-winning expertise in omnichannel integration helps brands succeed against the challenges of our rapidly changing digital world. Learn more.

  • “With Salesforce Community Cloud acting as a B2B sales portal, we were empowered to deliver a complete customer supply chain experience. With challenging requirements and extensive SAP integration, having a reliable partner company is the most critical success factor. OSF embraced the project with a complete understanding of our goals, and we have enjoyed working as one team.”
    Bircan Atilgan,VP & Executive Board Member, Kastas Sealing Technologies
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