Omnichannel and Integrated Order Management en

Omnichannel and Integrated Order Management

Improving order management was once thought of as an operational investment for omnichannel retail. Now, omnichannel OMS plays a critical role in improving the customer experience and increasing the lifetime value of customers. Retailers who continue to conduct order management within channel silos, and not as an integrated process, create redundancies that increase IT expenses and inefficiencies that could affect customer satisfaction and sales. There’s a lack of potential to obtain omnichannel commerce success without an omnichannel strategy.

As leading merchants increasingly integrate order management systems into their ecommerce environments, they’re achieving timely delivery of products to customers via any method
they desire, originating from orders through all channels, be they in-store or digital.

In Omnichannel & Integrated Order Management
, you will learn how to build an omnichannel ecosystem and achieve:

  • the best selection among enterprise and mid-market systems
  • omnichannel capabilities to meet evolving customer demands
  • improved communication between CRM, CMS and OMS systems
  • a foundation for international growth
  • a demonstrated path for building omnichannel excellence
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