Measuring your digital transformation project en

Measuring your digital transformation project

With forecasts for spending on digital transformation technologies set to hit $1.3 trillion dollars in this calendar year (IDC), it’s easy to see that many businesses are actively looking to bring further innovation into their organizations. Before undertaking these efforts, it’s wise to examine what it is that is to be achieved and the desired results being sought. Data analysis helps to provide the insight required for this essential step in the process.

This white paper examines the areas where merchants who are embarking on a process of digital transformation can look to for guidance to ensure they take the best decision for their organization. You’ll discover:

  • Various sources for obtaining data including information gathered from introducing new innovations, data sourced from any efforts to relaunch, and any details that can be evaluated that came as a result from any changes previously made in the direction of your business
  • Best practices for measuring KPIs to ensure that you get the most out of your investment and maximize your return
  • Details on the challenges and considerations to keep in mind before undertaking on this path. This includes information on your internal training needs and advanced planning around how these changes will affect your customers
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