Marketplace Fundamentals

Marketplace Fundamentals: A Guide to Building & Running Online Marketplaces

According to a Digital Commerce 360 report, 57% of consumers who bought products from a retailer’s website said they found the products first on a marketplace website. Online sales continue to grow steadily, with no slowdown in sight. If anything, the global pandemic has only served to exponentially accelerate this growth trajectory.

With the continuous growth and evolution of ecommerce, businesses are realizing that selling in isolation isn’t the key to continued growth.

Thinking about firming up your online strategy and expanding into complementary marketplaces?

Here are some fundamental you need to know:

  • Is an online marketplace the right choice for your business?
  • Choose a marketplace that best suits your business.
  • Is the marketplace you chose scalable and reliable?
  • Online marketplaces will help you grow your customer base.
  • Key considerations including revenue, risk, margins, and fees.
  • How to launch your online marketplace.

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