M-Commerce Best Practice Guidelines en

M-Commerce Best Practice Guidelines

Applied techniques for exceeding industry standards in mobile ecommerce performance

Online shopping habits are transforming. Throughout 2014, the shift from desktop to mobile has never been more explicit—and the success of your ecommerce solution hinges on your ability to adapt. If by 2017, 70% of online buyers will make a purchase on a mobile device, will your customers be among them? Access this white paper and invest in a mobile site that stands out, both in appearance and profitability. This easy-to-use checklist will ensure you cover all of your bases on the path to m-commerce success.

Utilize these best practice guidelines and take charge of your mobile solution:
  • Cross-brand your channels for a seamless customer experience

  • Utilize effective design techniques unique to mobile sites

  • Optimize site navigation for common mobile behaviors

  • Enhance the appeal and functionality of your new site
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