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Helping Food Manufacturers Engage with the Consumer

The online grocery industry is expected to grow in all markets worldwide, up to $354.2 billion next year to meet customer expectations forcing food manufacturers to get creative and sell directly to consumers. This dramatic shift in consumer shopping habits has caused a strain on some grocers, retailers, and food manufacturers worldwide to step up and deliver to consumers in new ways. But with some ingenuity, food manufacturers can leverage strengths to boost sales and consumer loyalty.

OSF Digital, a leader in digital transformations, has prepared a series of industry briefings to food manufacturers and suppliers to help address current operational challenges.

Overcome Pandemic Challenges to Sell Directly to Consumers
One clear path for manufacturers is opening new sales channels, direct-to-consumer (DTC) , within weeks. In our latest briefing, learn about options that allow food manufacturers to:

  • Start selling quickly durable and non-durable goods, direct-to-consumer or sell groceries and essential products online in a matter of weeks, not months
  • Create new revenue and distribution channels for consumer goods products
  • Move inventory faster through DTC ecommerce websites
  • Take advantage of distributed inventory options to avoid out-of-stock situations

While building a brand’s ecommerce option, food manufacturers should carefully consider if their software platform has the capabilities to deliver a fully functional experience and use a platform that can easily reconcile accounting, inventory, privacy concerns, and shipping.

Reimaging Your Ecommerce Delivery to Compete Successfully in the Digital Economy
Food manufacturers will continue to depend on supermarkets, however new DTC channels can be profitable, launching products in critical categories or even debuting new products available only through DTC websites.

Discover what food manufacturers PepsiCo, Nestle, and Heinz are doing differently in their first DTC channels to adopt new ways of getting food to consumers. And don’t miss the latest approaches to transforming ecommerce websites and learn what you can do to start selling quickly and keep customers coming back.

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