Headless on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Headless on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

User expectations from websites and their e-commerce capabilities are at an all-time high. With the constant change of technology and how customers interact with businesses online, companies need to adapt quickly to stay competitive.

Salesforce has added new features to Commerce Cloud that allow your company to easily evolve along with changing customer expectations. These new features support the much-talked-about headless architecture.

In this white paper, we cover:

  • Headless defined: What is headless? Why is there so much hype around it, and why should you consider a headless approach?

  • Commerce Cloud developments: We’ll look at some of the new features in Commerce Cloud and how they can quickly launch and manage your headless solution, including APIs, Managed Runtime and the PWA Kit.

  • Why go headless on Salesforce Commerce Cloud?: What are the key differentiators when considering Commerce Cloud? What are the different options available for you when implementing headless? We answer it all and more.

You have lots of different options when implementing headless architecture. This white paper will demystify headless commerce and help you determine the best option for your company – whether that’s the PWA Kit with Managed Runtime, a bespoke headless solution or a hybrid option.

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