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Commerce and Content Management

Online retail practice and the evolution of CMS usability

As ecommerce website features begin to equalize across the retail landscape, retailers increasingly look to enhance the customer experience with new, exciting and relevant content—that which not only informs and entertains, but molds itself to become part of a unique, integrated retail experience for their customers.

External CMS and ecommerce integrations provide robust infrastructures, with easily managed systems that are driving content strategies for retailers. In this white paper, discover how the strategic use of relevant—even inspired—content can help you position your products in an interactive way, create tailored experiences and acquire new customers.

Read about our real-world retail successes, and the following key areas of focus:
  • Leading CMS Platforms for Ecommerce

  • Content Types & Strategies

  • Internationalization and Localization

  • Customer Data, Curation and Connectivity
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