CMS Market Evolutions in France (2012) en

CMS Market Evolutions in France (2012)

Part one of a four year report

Content management systems (CMS) are now allowing communication professionals to take from developers' hands responsibilities for the ongoing publication of company content online.

In order to respond to the ever-increasing need of information related to CMS, OSF Digital is publishing a series of reports analyzing specific market evolutions over the course of several years.

The current study focuses on the 2012 environment and is the first in a series that will cover a broader insight (2012 – 2015) to help you discover firsthand the root of the transformational IT trend that is taking place today:
  • The Top 5 most used CMS platforms in France in 2012
  • The vertical that provided most of the CM projects awarded over public tenders
  • The precedence of open source solutions over alternatives offered by proprietary application vendors
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