Food For Thought: A B2B Executive Lunch

Food For Thought:
A B2B Executive Lunch

17th May 2022 Botanical Hotel Melbourne

Food for thought: From a digital trend, the United States and Europe is an average of 18 months ahead in their B2B commerce initiatives than ANZ brands. The opportunity to capitalize and become an industry leader in B2B commerce is readily available for your brand to seize.

How will Salesforce and OSF Digital get you ahead of the curb? To start, we invite you to a lunch event with Vincent Hildebrant, Associate VP of B2B and Core Innovation at OSF Digital—who has worked on some of the most influential B2B implementations in Salesforce. Hailing from Germany and on the product board at Salesforce, Vincent is bringing his team to chat with B2B executives in Melbourne on how to get ahead in commerce innovation.

Join us as we showcase how Salesforce’s B2B solution can make your brand more efficient—not only increasing sales but also improving productivity in your workforce. At this event we will discuss how to retain the long tail customer with minimum effort, give control to your customer’s buying powers with dashboards and gain new reach via product catalogues your customers haven’t had access to before.

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