Conversations for Commerce: A B2B Executive Event

Conversations for Commerce:
A B2B Executive Event

19th May 2022 The Waiting Room at the Crown Perth

77% of B2B buyers said their last purchase was very complex or difficult. This year, B2B brands will put more effort into solving this common pain point. Even as their digital needs expand, business buyers want the ease of the consumer experience above all else.

So, what’s on the commerce roadmap for your brand? Join Salesforce and OSF Digital as we explore the hot trends that B2B brands such as yours may be looking to explore this year. This exclusive event will bring in executives from several B2B industries, including mining, manufacturing, consumer goods and everything in between.

We invite you to register today for our upcoming event in the stylish Waiting Room at The Crown Perth—with a stunning vista overlooking Perth’s Swan River. It’s sure to delight our guests and inspire new ideas for your B2B commerce initiatives this year.

Spots are limited at this event. Register today to save your seat!

Meet our Speaker:

We’re excited to announce that Vincent Hildebrand, the pinnacle of B2B knowledge, will be joining us at this event!

Vincent Hildebrant

Vincent Hildebrant, Associate VP of B2B and Core Innovation for OSF Digital, is one of the leading B2B specialists in the world. Hailing from Germany and sitting on the product board for Salesforce, Vincent has led some of Salesforce’s most influential B2B projects on a global scale.

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