OSF Digital Helps Leading Footwear Retailer Boost Online Revenue with ‘OSF One Page Checkout’

Technologies: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Type: Ecommerce

As the youngest holding among a conglomerate’s related brands, one footwear retailer holds the highest percent of mobile visitors in the portfolio. OSF Digital launched its streamlined ecommerce checkout solution, OSF One Page Checkout, in service of this reputable, but unconventional, footwear brand.

As OSF’s first customer to implement OSF One Page CHECKOUT (OPC), the retailer found that the simplified single-page checkout solution substantially improved the checkout experience for customers, most notably mobile shoppers.

Recently the brand has been moving toward a growth strategy beyond its original irreverent style into other cultures and commerce spaces. The vehicle in which they propose to reach those consumers is a new take on casual shoes.

The retailer has seen large increases in terms of mobile visitors since they launched their responsive site in Spring 2014. Their goal since then has been to introduce a checkout funnel that is mobile friendly—and OSF One Page Checkout has generated positive results.

The objective was to get all of the customer’s information in three steps: shipping, billing and ordering. With all of this information on one single page, and automatic filling to speed up the process, the retailer saw a diminishing number of cart abandonments, and a customer that was satisfied by the brevity and relatively effortless process of completing a transaction.

The retailer ran A/B testing at a 50/50 split between their existing three-page and OSF’s new single-page checkouts for two weeks. The results were a notable lift in orders per visitor and a substantial lift in conversions, contributing thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

The retailer explains that the product’s advantages are in its simplicity and isolation from other solutions; that you can easily plug it in and you can still use and reuse all of the other resources you have in the checkout process—from location services to payment services.

The retailer not only sees this solution as an opportunity to meet their growth objectives, but also as a great introduction as they consider OPC for the other sites in their parent company’s portfolio.

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